UX | UI | IA | Visual Design | Prototyping
Marketing | Industrial Design | Content Strategy

FATHOM is a product development firm that specialized in 3D printing technologies and prototype creation. As their UX Designer and Experiential Marketing Specialist, my primary responsibility was to design and improve experiences and engagements with existing and prospective customers. Over my two years there, my projects ranged from environmental design of our offices, to new product and service development, website redesign, and event design.

Website Redesign

I managed the redesign of FATHOM's product pages. In the redesign I completed a full content inventory, established an implementation process with our visual designers and software engineers, restructured the information architecture, and went through multiple iterations of interaction and visual design. This was done for over 30 pages on our website.

MOD MFG Design

My role was UX Designer and Creative Director. I proposed a new content campaign based on user needs and business analysis. After approval I collaborated with our visual designer, marketing communication specialist, and industrial design and engineering team to introduce the new campaign.

3D Printed Bicycle

I managed all of the company materials to be shown at various industry events. This required heavy research into industry applications, audience interests, and then selecting or creating appropriate models to be shown for the target audience. The bicycle is one of many examples of the models that I created with our industrial design, engineering, and sales teams for different events.

Sample Kits

Many customers expressed interest in receiving samples of the many materials we could 3D print in, however this was something that we only offered to high-profile clients. I managed the design, development, and implementation of the sample kits. This included the product design, packaging, pricing, fulfillment management, and marketing communications for the kits.

Award Design

I worked with our lead industrial designer to design an award for our design contests. We went through many iterations and concepts to arrive at the final award that met the goals for the award design.