Emerson Ecologics

UX | UI | IA | Iconography
Mobile | Responsive

While working at Havas Worldwide, my main client was Emerson Ecologics. Emerson is a large ecommerce retailer for nutritional supplements and health products. Their website serves a two-sided market - healthcare practitioners and consumers.

I was brought on as a UX / UI Designer to redesign their responsive website. My main focus early in the project was in the creation of the mobile wireframes for the many sections of their website. Later in the project, I worked on the UX strategy and design for both desktop and mobile. Emerson had many complex business requirements and edge cases, demanding significant thought and debate in the design of their website and features.

We worked in an agile framework - requiring constant collaboration between our internal team of designers, engineers, project managers, and client stakeholders. Our Havas team consisted of: two visual designers, six developers, three project managers, one creative director, one director of user experience, and myself.

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